the three part web documentary film


The three part documentary about HANSHI CHARLIE is a Project by student Luis Balthisar Balzer for the «Bachelor in Design» in Cast/Audiovisual Media at Zurich University of the Arts, with William Crook as project adviser and under the administration of Nico Lyptikas.



Over the last 40 years, Grand Master Charlie Lenz has had a decisive influence on the development of Japanese martial arts in Switzerland and Europe. For many, especially young members of this scene Lenz is a great role model.

Not only has he been four times Switzerland champion in Karate, he has also trained martial arts stars like Andi Hug or Nino Deflorin. Over 3000 students have passed through his school in Chur in the recent decades.

He is now President of the European Jiu-Jitsu Union and Vice President of the World Federation.

This year, Charlie Lenz turned 70. And in the winter of 18/19 we will publish a book about him.



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